Feng Shui


Feng Shui

The Art of Harmonizing your House
Welcome to the fascinating and magic world of Feng Shui. The real Feng Shui is not closely related to the product you put in your house, but how your home receives such energy (Qi) and the impact of Qi in the residents within a certain period. Classical Feng Shui has many techniques – some of them are very simple, while others are more complex and detailed. The choice of the technique for one place is based in the owners’ goals and the problems noticed in the first visit to the place.

Who I am

 I am Certified Advanced Practitioner Feng Shui by Mastery  Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malasya. I believe that we  all can use the natural energies available in our solar system  to improve the energy in our home without good luck  symbols or auspicious objects. My knowledge is based on  ancient methods described in classical Feng Shu – an  effective way to enhance your life, career, health, and  prosperity.  For more than 10 years studying Classical Feng  Shui, I can show how to tap into the good energy of your      house with little changes and little investment. A 25-year  veteran of the communications field, I am a former broadcast  journalist who worked as an editor-in-chief at local TV  stations in Brazil, before working as a reporter at a  newspaper in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2000, I started my own  Public Relations Agency, based in São Paulo, Brazil, offering  communications services for local and international  companies. I have a BA in Journalism and studied English as  a Second Language at California State University, Hayward,  United States. I also hold College Teaching Certificate with  honors by Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada. I live  in Canada since 2007.

The Real Feng Shui

Unfortunately, some places are really not recommended for certain rooms. And the right Feng Shui project can show you where is the best energy in your house - and where you should avoid. If you notice, for instance, that your bedroom is in unpleasant localization for you, try to move to another bedroom. If this is not possible, we can find some options, and one of them is very simple to follow. But remember, the better is always to move to a more auspicious room, especially if it is your bedroom.
In a study of Feng Shui we need the floor plan of your home to prepare the project. Each area refers to an orientation and, consequently, the energy within. 
We use the Five Element Cycles to understand better the energy inside a property. But in a cure we use the element that produces or minimizes the element of the star; never the one which controls or destroys it.
The study of Feng Shui is carried through some important information as the direction of the house or building, in addition to the localization of each room in the house. With this information it is possible to understand how the energy is distributed in your home, and what you can do to strengthen or improve, through tips that can be easily followed.                    
"Feng Shui is only one part of the big work you have to do in your life to see real changes. You also need to take the right actions when the opportunities knock at your door"
'Simple Changes'

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